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Handing duplicate content items

As with inspections and tasks, it can happen that content items are duplicated in the iCL System.

This is a rare case which only happens if the same user works with multiple devices at the same time.


If you are an administrator, you can delete one of those items by selecting it and clicking the Delete button in the toolbar.

Since data is only soft-deleted (flagged as 'isDeleted' in the database and filtered, but not actually removed) in iCL Portal, the data can be restored later.


Let us assume that a user is working with two devices at the same time: a smartphone and a tablet. The user completely fills in the checklist of an inspection using his smartphone, but does not complete the inspection. Rather, he synchronizes the device and finishes the inspection on the tablet. Opening the app on the smartphone, he sees that the inspeciton is not yet completed. Instead of just synchronizing the device, he completes the inspection again.

That way, the completion logic is applied on both devices: the tablet and the smartphone. The completion logic goes through all checklists and checks if any content items were added or updated. If so, it creates new content items where necessary. As this is performed on both devices, after synchronizing those devices, the iCL Portal contains duplicated content items.


Users should always synchronize their device before switching to another one!