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Upgrading to newer versions

When a new iCL Portal version is released, there are generally the following steps to take

  • Backup the SQL Databases of iCL Portal and make sure that a restore actually works
  • Backup your current Web.config and NLog.config of the iCL Portal Web Front-end
  • Delete all files in the bin folder of the website except App_Data, Web.config and NLog.config
recycle app pool

In case some file cannot be deleted because it is being used by another process (IIS), open IIS Manager and recycle the application pool of the iCL Portal website.


Do not restart IIS, as this will interrupt any pending requests and may cause data corruption and/or data loss!

  • Extract the archive into the web-site folder.

  • finally, run the "migrate_databases.bat" file. It will ask you whether you would like to apply any pending DB schema changes to all the tenant databases of iCL Portal.

  • Confirm with Y and press enter.

  • Follow additional instructions in the provided readme (like modifications of the Web.config) in the accompanying upgrade manual.