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Start a re-inspection

Intended Use

Create a duplicate of a specific completed inspection and open it directly

There may be integration scenarios, where you have an external app for planning your inspections. From there, you may want to re-inspect some location or asset. However, you do not want to create an empty, fresh inspection from scratch, but rather use an existing inspection as the blueprint and copy its data. That way you can save time by designing your workbook in a way, that you only have to enter a few fields to document what changed since the previous inspection. Look here for a guide on how to create such a workbook.

To duplictate an existing inspection, all you need is the unique identity of the inspection. Note that we specifically require the 'inspectionid'. Neither the tasks id nor its reference/externalid will work!

The url has the following format:$action=reinspect&inspectionId=<unique-id-of-inspection> For example, to open the inspection 00305664-be0d-4fc6-948b-67d7e48d175a, the url would look like this:$action=reinspect&inspectionId=00305664-be0d-4fc6-948b-67d7e48d175a

When the user clicks this link and iCL Filler launches, it

  • will check if the inspection 00305664-be0d-4fc6-948b-67d7e48d175a exists on the device
  • if it does not
    • and there is no internet connection, it will display an error to the user
    • and there is internet connection, it will reach out to the server to get this particular inspection and synchronize all relevant data

Note, however, that the user that opens the deep link must be a member (inspector) of the same team that this inspection belongs to.


If you have the Android SDK installed on your computer, and set up developer mode on your device, you can use the ADB command shell to test this feature. For this, simply start ADB and run the command like so:

adb shell am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW -c android.intent.category.BROWSABLE -d "\$action=reinspect\&inspectionId=00305664-be0d-4fc6-948b-67d7e48d175a"

Notice that we had to escape the special characters $ and & with a backslash \ as this is required by ADB.