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2. Retrieving changed tasks

In many cases, you will want to get the latest information of iCL Portal tasks and inspections in your legacy system.

3. Retrieving latest reports

A typical integration scenario is, that you have to retrieve all the final reports of inspections to e.g. store them in some special document management system. This may even be a legal requirement.


This section gives you an in-depth introduction into authenticating with iCL Portal. The complete functionality of iCL Portal is accessible via REST services. For authentication, the OAuth 2.0 bearer token standard is used: In order to access the secured REST services, an access_token has to be acquired from the /token endpoint and then added as a HTTP header to each subsequent request. (Details follow)

Content Items

Once you have defined a content type, you can add items of that type - the so called content items.

Content Types

iCL allows you to quickly create powerful check lists to gather information on various things.

Custom Settings

The custom settings API allows you to store arbitrary setting values for a particular user.

Exploring the API

In order to get up to speed with the REST interface, you can use our interactive API documentation site, which is based on Swagger.


In order to retrieve the raw data and images from an inspection, you can use the inspection services.


In order to download reports generated for a specific inspection, the following REST service can be used.


In iCL, whenever you need to inform a user, that (s)he has to perform an inspection/check/activity, you can create a task.


In order to query information about teams (eg. members, workbooks of a team), the following REST services can be used.

What is synchronized when?

One of the primary features of iCL Filler is, that it can work completely offline. To achieve this, we need to synchronize all data necessary to conduct inspections to the device.


In order to query all available workbooks in iCL Portal, the following REST service can be used.