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💡Getting an access token

Get the Bearer Token

A security measurement is the input of the session bearer token with each of the swagger action. This token can be copied from the browser Dev Tools.

Open the DevTools of your browser

First, navigate into the portal and tenant, in which you want to alter content type data.

E.g. tenant optiq on the testportal

Once there, you navigate to a view, where a refresh-button is available - basically every view offers a refresh-icon in its table lists:

  • workbooks
  • teams
  • inspections

Now you press the F12 key in your browser; the DevTools should now open in a new window.

In the DevTools view, find the Network tab and open it.

If you find entries in this list, you can clear them with the stop-icon in the top left. (Chrome)

Refresh the Portal view

Now you navigate back to the portal browser, and hit the refresh icon in your current view.

This will create a network activity in your DevTools window, where you now navigate back to.

Copy the bearer token

In the DevTools, you now click on the entry in the list. There are several tabs visible - you have to be in the Headers Tab.

Scroll a bit down until you find the entry for authorization:

You now select the whole entry, starting with Bearer up to the end of the long lines of strings.

e.g. Bearer GgTJCFU0tTS5y-gw6oFR1qdLzOKNd8zyxPINbiNG8iOmfphyk8H45KLwu0iZVapmndbUNcFj_H-Px9zy4pTyfXFPMVTyYPNvvhhKfkKMVWHBfP8Xqx0AY3z4fudK3NJdottSycsFCfSNmCVYwOHL8dK_z3KdcBfhstNyDbqfj79dkmPmaGEG2ANOmwJqymFtF8BO7keKSA39Q8hw-fmJ-tWDnCdTI_oQFvR8PcuHJprSIopSAjutLoBAy9g-L5n6mHPNNWt4xnVPspd00VTyRUIX_A6axEzqwYS1g37z79PJPVHTojcNCNmJ57oTGTiB6i03S-jqDNG79M6fhREhXWicXCZr2qeiFjv1TaE8Bq7DNYx5DasdhFCWimCV8QZSxWnfnvn6op12713o9uHrh2xkgssfH0FifJaMmA5ner0PdP3qbMQVD_7WvOFfEWHJAhswvdamt0lkW9N8GSRDYOLewL_AVsKnfyOWkyhnXWXkoSx0SbnjITypZCJZSSYKOC_A23bJi-V6Jxc_CbmG0m9to7Ilbb8_UnB9uuRWC-7Yyy1z1LfoLYJlyQc9B65Slk4fReXgHADQEufN8HrJ-pex9btAh2O3StgeYqoU4OzHopZDrJcUXSbFPop6c7Fv_DksDPRcVFm_QbnrwWudDg

Do not select anything beyond the bearer code like 'cache-control:' though, this would make the bearer code invalid.

Enter the bearer code in Swagger

With this code copied, you can now return to the swagger tab in your browser and you can paste this code in the Authorization field of the action, you want to execute.