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The inspections view shows all planned, completed or cancelled tasks or inspections.


To understand the relationship of tasks and inspections, please read our knowledge base article

You can either plan an inspection via the iCL Portal via a task or directly start it with the iCL Filler via an iWorkbook.

An inspection passes through the following states:

NewAn inspection has been created as a task but not assigned to any inspector. In this state you can delete an inspection.
AssignedAn inspection has been assigned to an inspector. It is still editable
In progressThe inspector has started his/her inspection in iCL Filler. In this state you can cancel an inspection, but you cannot edit it anymore.
CompleteThe inspection has been completed successfully; data and reports have been sent to the iCL Portal.
CancelledThe inspector has declined a task or cancelled an active inspection. In this state you can re-assign an inspection to a different inspector. It will then switch to the assigned state.

You can select one or more inspections/tasks and use the following commands:

Enables you to import a task using a single task template or a bulk task template.
Refreshes the list.
Publishes the selected task. Only published tasks are visible to assigned users.
Unpublishes the selected task.
Cancels an started inspection.
Reassigns an inspection to another inspector.
Deletes an inspection or task.
Beware this deletes all data collected during an inspection. Use with caution!
Downloads an iCLr file including data of a completed inspection.
Synchronizes a completed inspection which was already removed from the users devices for 7 more days to the selected user(s) - mostly for duplication purposes.

Planning Inspections​

You can plan inspections in the iCL Portal. You have two options to create a task.

Creating a Task via the iCL Portal​

Select 'Schedule inspection' to create inspections in the respective team. To be able to send an inspection to iCL Filler, you must assign it to an inspector and an iWorkbook, which must also be available in the team.

If you are scheduling an inspection from the 'Inspections' menu from the navigation bar, you additionally have to enter the team of that inspection. Scheduled within a team, this field is not visible.

Additional fields that were defined as 'Assignable from Task' in iCL Designer are not shown here and must be filled in via a separate Excel sheet.

When all required information is given, the task can be created by pressing the 'create' button in the bottom of the form.

Creating a Team Task​

A task can be made as a team task by checking 'is self-assignable'. A team task is assigned to all inspectors within a team. So all inspectors of a team can grab the task and perform it. Nevertheless, this task can also be assigned to a specific inspector. In this case the created task will also be visible for this inspector in the iCL Filler under Tasks also in the 'Assigned to me' view.

Other team members will see this team task in the iCL Filler under Tasks in the 'Available to self-assign' view.

Import a Task via Excel​

You can import pre-filled inspection data and answers of questions into a task via an Excel sheet using an iCL task template. You can import several tasks at the same with it. For each workbook the corresponding template can be created using 'bulk import' command.

The template will already have columns for the fields which are marked as 'assignable from task'.

Managing Inspections​

Once an inspection has been successfully closed or a draft report has been created, you can retrieve the inspection results by clicking the open-folder icon.

You can access data from 2 different tabs:


The 'Pictures' tab contains all global pictures that have been added to iCL Filler. Pictures that have been attached to a checklist are not displayed.


The 'Documents' tab contains all documents that have been created with iCL Filler. Draft reports are overwritten by final reports after an inspection has been closed and both can be downloaded here.

Assign Inspections to another User​

In iCL Portal, there is a new button "Assign/Delegate"

It allows you to assign an inspection to another user.

You can select multiple tasks and assign them to a new user in one action, as long as they belong to the same team.

This is because the dialog displays the list of all assignable users - which is basically the list of all the inspectors of a given team. You can assign a task if it is new, assigned, active or cancelled. If you assign a cancelled task to some other user, its state will be changed to "assigned".

sick leave

This feature is especially helpful if an inspector started an inspection and then went on sick leave. The coordinator can then assign the inspection to another inspector. However, please ensure that the inspector on sick leave actually synchronized his iCL Filler app, so that the other inspector has all the latest data!

Admin- or Coordinator privileges required

You can only assign tasks, if you are a coordinator or an administrator, so inspectors cannot delegate at the moment.

Resynchronize an Inspection​

After 30 days of being completed, inspections are removed from the users devices to free up space. Sometimes, however, users would like to have an old inspection on their device - e.g. to use it as base for a reinspection.


The retention period of inspections and tasks can be configured in the settings and individually for each workbook in the workbook list.

This can now be done in iCL Portal:

  • Login to iCL Portal
  • select the completed inspection you'd like to have on your device and click Re-synchronize
  • the system will show a success notification and the inspection will be available on your device for 7 more days

This feature can be used by administrators, coordinators and inspectors.

Inspectors can only resynchronize their own inspections, while administrators and coordinators can select an inspector that should receive the particular inspection.


Only inspectors of the same team are available for selection.

Also note, that the selected user does not become the assigned user.